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Server 103 / Change of Ownership
« on: December 29, 2016, 08:54:40 AM »
Server 103, and these forums, have been placed in the hands of another.

I'm sure you'll be seeing him soon.

Good luck to all of you.

Meridian 59 Game Discussion / Calling all Adventurers to tell their tales!
« on: February 05, 2016, 11:22:00 AM »
Hey all!

I'm looking for some stories about past Meridian events that make the game memorable. Were you around for or part of the clone invasion? Were you involved in some guild intrigue such as rolling a new toon and joining the enemy guild? Ever been in a cross-server invasion? Ever PK'd at a Meridian wedding?

Please write up any stories you have and PM them or email ( them to me!

Open Meridian News and Information / PAX South 2016!
« on: January 24, 2016, 06:58:23 PM »
Hey everyone! The Open Meridian Project and Meridian 59 will be running an Exhibitor booth next weekend at PAX South, 1/29 to 1/31. We are going to have multiple computers set up for people to play the game live at the show; due to the public nature of this event, the moderators, guides, and admins are going to be far stricter on language enforcement than you guys are used to. We will be broadcasting to a live audience (which includes children) on a large screen, so, for these dates, language is to be kept PG-13 in all broadcasts. Violations will result in a squelch for the first offense, and a temporary ban for the second. Please understand and work with us on this.

In exchange for this imposition, we will also be running several events this weekend. Hit point, skill, and spell advancement rates will all be doubled. The global item drop rate will be increased, and there will be several Escaped Convict events, with people at PAX piloting the Convict.

This is going to be a fantastic boon for the game, and we should see an influx of new people. Please try and welcome these individuals into the community.

Time for some excitement!

Open Meridian News and Information / New Patcher Release
« on: December 17, 2015, 08:04:33 PM »
Hey all! If you haven't noticed there's an awesome new patcher update that allows you to patch Ogre, has some sleek new graphics, and some serious performance improvements. You can now also create accounts and read news on the forums straight from the patcher!

Happy Hunting!

Open Meridian News and Information / Two Years...
« on: November 07, 2015, 10:07:21 AM »

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the beginning of what became the Open Meridian Project! It has been a wild ride, with ups and downs, drama and resolution, bitter vitriol and beautiful passion. We have morphed this game, and this community into something we should all take pride in. We have a long way to go, much work left to do, and there is much more fun to be had. Please join me in showing appreciation to the moderators, to the developers and designers both past and present--and mostly--to your fellow players!

In celebration of this event I will be hosting a frenzy tonight. The time is not yet set in stone, stay tuned for more.


Meridian 59 Game Discussion / Extra Life Game Day 2015
« on: October 16, 2015, 10:24:35 AM »
Hi all!

If you don't know what Extra-Life is, its a 24-hour live-stream event that occurs every year around Halloween. Its goal is to raise money for cancer research and to save cancer-inflicted kids.

I have participated since 2012 and will be participating again this year.

If you are interested in playing games to save kids from cancer, or just want to watch and donate to the cause, stay tuned to this thread. Our streams, team page, etc will be posted here as we get closer to the event.

I will be featuring Meridian for at least several hours for the stream this year.

Server 103 / Escaped Convict - 8pm CST
« on: October 15, 2015, 02:18:34 PM »
Rumor has it that a convict has recently escaped from the Barloque Jail. Please look for him this Saturday at 8pm Central 9pm Eastern!

Also a reminder to check out the events calendar:

Reminder to all there is a Meridian Live Stream with Sif, one of the former developers from 3do.

Her stream is at: and she usually starts around 6-7pm Central time.

Also a reminder to check out the events calendar:

Open Meridian News and Information / New Administrator
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:41:51 PM »
Hi all! I'm pleased to announce that @keen is the newest Administrator of the Open Meridian Project! You should probably know him by now through his work, on the Stat Reset system and UI, or for the doom of the Easter bunny invasion, or for a many other notable changes.

Please help me and welcoming him (again) to the team!

On a related note, during the stream event last Thursday, you may have noticed someone named "Mischief" wandering around. This familiar face will be revealing himself soon...

Happy hunting!

General Development / Master Plan for Steam Release (Work In Progress)
« on: August 22, 2015, 11:47:35 AM »
This is a living document, it is not final, official or otherwise set in stone.

However, this is currently our general plan to getting the game ready for Steam. Its a rather large image, open it in a new tab for best effect.

We welcome comments and suggested changes or improvements.

Open Meridian News and Information / Github repository change
« on: August 14, 2015, 04:16:48 PM »
I have created a GitHub Organization to help us manage our projects which can be found here:

The Open Meridian Projects official repository location has moved to here:


Open Meridian News and Information / Events Calendar
« on: July 27, 2015, 01:44:24 PM »
Hi all,

We've added an events calendar to the forums here. You can also access it from the calendar button up top. We will be adding this calendar to our homepage as well.

Regular members cannot create events on the calendar, but all the Moderators, Developers and Administrators can. If you have an in-game or meridian related event for any server, please feel free to reach out to any of us. Once we add the event for you, you will be able to edit date/time/description, etc.

Happy Hunting!

Former 3do Meridian 59 developer "Sif" aka ToniLyran streams Meridian 59 on Thursday nights at 6PM CDT

Lets show some love and join her stream on the regular!

Open Meridian News and Information / Passwords and Server 107
« on: March 28, 2015, 04:29:04 PM »
It has come to our attention that people who have created accounts on server 107, run by Purixi, may have had their passwords recorded during the account creation process.

If you created an account there, please change your password. Also please change your password anywhere else you used it, such as other meridian servers or forums.

We have preemptively suspended several known-compromised accounts on 103, and will begin working to restore damage where we can. If you find your account suspended, please change your password on your other accounts, and reach out to Delerium or I.

Game Changes / Pull 885 - Grouping Changes
« on: February 05, 2015, 09:26:07 AM »
Please reference: but please post replies here.

Quote from: Gar
Some thoughts on this for the general population asking for changes. It's a very complex issue with often contradictory goals.

1: We want solo building to be a viable alternative to grouping in many ways for one very big reason - it allows a single person to actually do something.

If you can get 8 toughers an hour with a big group, and 2 toughers an hour without, you will log on, see that there aren't any groups, and log off. *So will everyone else.* Population will pretty much always be zero unless some other major event is going on. If you can build solo at a reasonable rate, you might actually go out yourself first. Then players who log on will see there are people out and active. These players might be PKs or other builders, but they'll still see some activity rather than none.

We really should be thinking about online population from the bottom up. You can't have a game based solely around 100-person activities, because people 1-99 will never show up because there aren't 100 people. That's an extreme example. We have to enable individuals first, to allow a general population of individuals to play, and then we enable things that happen once there are enough players out there.

2: We do want to encourage players to build together, as some have said. There's a dip in the group exp equation because of point 1 above. A single player is equivalent to two players assuming one of them isn't derping around doing nothing. This situation is unique in that pairs are very easy to put together in terms of friends, but there will also be large numbers of strangers coming to a screen and fighting alongside one other person. For the first concern, we don't want 2 people to mean double XP straight up, since nobody will build by themselves anymore (per point 1). For the second concern, people are leaving screens because they think this other person is 'hindering' them. That may be the case if the other person is slow and terrible, but, generally I think this is the fault of players not understanding how XP works.

XP is actually the least important part of gaining a tougher. The number of rolls you get from a partner (even if they are terrible) doesn't change, and it's very critical. See below.

3: Why can't we enable HP rolls? Because the roll for HP is a separate thing from XP gained. Let's consider a case like this:

Gar gets 9 XP while being above 0 on the tougher bar.

Solo: If he gets it in 3 kills for 3 XP each, he gets 3 chances for a tougher.

Current Party System: If he gets 3 kills himself for 2 xp each, and 3 kills from a partner for 1 xp each, he gets 3 chances for a tougher.

Equivalent, yeah? Well what happens if we enable rolls?

Roll Enabled Party System: He gets 3 kills himself for 2 xp each, 3 kills from a partner for 1 xp each, and he gets **6 chances** for a tougher.

So enabling rolls at the minimum can double tougher speed... but wait...

5 people are killing on screen together. Gar kills 3 mob for 2 xp each, and they kill 12 mobs in that time for 1 xp each. 18 xp (or double the 9 we talked about) results in 15 rolls for a tougher. This is **five times** the rolls he got in the same period of time as solo or current partner building. Thing is, he's not really getting that much more XP. 5 people doubled the XP he got in a certain amount of time, but it **pentupled** his chance for a tougher. Multiplying both the XP rate and the tougher rate in this manner means exponential advancement. 10 people in a zone were going through thirty HP in a handful of hours straight to 150.

This is why, when the system worked that way, everyone was seeing toughers at 1% or 2% chance to advance. People blazed through the negative penalty portion, then toughered in minutes, because the game was rolling dice at 1% or 2% dozens of times. Eventually, it gets a positive roll, and you get a tougher even at a very low chance to advance.

This exponential advancement will also kill the population straight up for anyone who understands it. Why would anyone bother building solo when they can advance exponentially faster with a gigantic group? Then, since there are no gigantic groups, nobody's on, so you can't make a gigantic group.

Building will become a sort of guild-organized affair - show up on Feb 10th for building day, max your toon in 8 hours straight up. PKs can't bother a huge group like this, so PK is dead, and there won't be any solo builders, because nobody will bother solo building. PvP will basically turn off unless some other guild also wants to organize ten people and try to jump the first group. That might be interesting, but it's just one big battle every couple weeks, if it even happens.

And this isn't just theorycraft - this is what we saw during grouping's first iterations. At one point, there were fifteen people at the beach killing mollusks, one or two players for every single spawn point. I personally built a character from 80 to 130 in maybe three hours. It was awesome and fun at the time, like "wow Meridian's so alive!" but... all those players hit 150 and the beach was a ghost town in two days.

The enemy here really is the exponential advancement. You really feel this like "ugh why bother" if one of these incredibly fast groups isn't going on.


Ok, so what can we do?

Safespots have been removed, so building is fundamentally different now. That's worth a look.

We could have grouping offer aggro advantages somehow.

We could add skills and spells that benefit 'group members'.

We could change the XP bar so that it's more clear that a partner is not really harming your advancement.

We could increase loot for parties or create some sort of item system based on it.

Group sizes could affect spawn rate and mob threat level, but also XP (so grouping
isn't just straight up better, but fundamentally different).

Other ideas?

Quote from: Delerium
Great summary, I can't really see the point of even adding the setting if we can't realistically turn it on. Will leave this pull open for the discussion but you're right, we need to look elsewhere for the solution.

Quote from: Revenant
Almost everything you've said is very theoretical and i'm almost 100% positive none of them will come to actually pass. I enjoyed the group system the way it was when you first added it, and I would find plenty of people building alone in CV at slow times,even when it was much faster with groups. You said that just because grouping will be much much faster, everyone will decide not to play until a specific time like 'feb 10' in your exmaple, and log on to 'quickly' build their char and that's that? Of course not, absolutely not. What WILL actually happen is people will be broadcasting much more to find the people that are online to try to create groups and exp together, so that they can benefit from the bonus and if nobody is available to group with, especially in this very low population we're dealing with now, they will go out and build themselves like they do now. Why would you think that nobody will build just becuase its faster in groups? I personally wouldn't stop building or playing because it's going to be slower then grouping, and most people who play this game play to entertain themselves, so they will still play when they have the time available to them to play regardless of what groups are available and what are not.

Just like in any MMO, there are groups you can form and go hunt in zones that are difficult and provide very high exp gains and very fast gains with the group,or you can go solo at weaker zones alone which takes longer and is slower. Both methods are practiced and to assume (and that's all you're doing is assuming) That everyone will completely stop building unless they have 8 people to build with is ludicrous to me.

I don't understand how you think that currently 2 players are the same as 1 player? Most of the time when 2 players are in the zone, the second player is not killing very quickly, and as soon as you get to the negative number, you gain nothing from kills (Very little) and almost nothing from your group members, so unless you are yourself killing the monsters, you're not even rolling for a gain chance, and your group members kills are not benefiting you, unless you guys enable the gain chance from group member kills like it was before.

I don't understand why you guys would suggest lowering the group timer from 60 to 30 just to enable the HP roll gain from group members? I recall the timer being set to 30 and it was constantly causing people to lose group access, especially without safe spots and ways to heal yourself during downtime, this will do nothing but cause people stress trying to keep up with this annoying low timer that will not provide sufficient time unless you're killing 24/7 nonstop with gort, and most players are not doing this

If you still disagree with me in regards to the negative impacts this change may have, there's a very simple fix that I highly recommend you consider that will resolve every single one of your concerns. Raise the solo EXP to provide more EXP as well. This way it will be much easier to solo, and if grouping is not available, people can solo and still feel they are gaining quicker then they were before.

I highly request that we restore the exp group system to the initial and first implemented condition. 60 second group kill timers, all group member kills should provide HP gain chances, and if you find it feasible, i'm positive no one will disagree with raising the Solo exp gain chance as well so that it will benefit everyone all across the board regardless if they're grouping or soloing.

Building a character to 150 doesn't mean you're done with the game and the game will become a ghost town, it will just provide you a character to go out and pvp with, or you will start building an alternative character, most people have limited time available to play and if they play they will (when this change is made) look for a group of people to hunt with, where currently solo is the only viable option, and if no one is available, they will go solo as they do now,they will not stop building because  grouping is faster, and it's very important to realize that this population currently is no where nearthe 100-120 population and loads of players all over the place that we saw at one time.

I personally have 7 players on my skype contacts that refuse to return to this server (Regardless of my continuous attempts to get them to return) because they find this game highly imbalanced and broken, with safe spots gone and the group exp defective, the fun you mentioned (and many including myself) experienced in the beginning when the group exp was first introduced is completely gone now, the group exp is honestly completely defective and useless right now, and you are so afraid that it will be 'to fast' that you don't realize how many people left because this group exp was the only reason the server got so populated and thrived, and you nerfed the one reason people flocked to the server, and if you restore this I personally can bring 7 new players back, and I'm sure little by little more and more will come back, because you can actually tell people "hey let's go get some hp" without thinking "nah I'd rather go alone, i'll get hp faster"

It will also improve people working together and communicating in broadcasts and looking for groups, so that people can work together and enjoy group exp again,when was the last time you saw anyone grouping together or even looking for people to group with? It is completely nonexistent, I truly hope you will consider moving forward on this, and as you could see on the servers globe the request for this change is very high.

I do beg you to not nerf the group timer to 30 and break one part of it when you fix the other, it's just one step forward and one step back... This is a VERY important addition to the game that will be a lifeline to bringing the population, stop trying to tie it down in fears of it being 'to easy' and let it be a little easy, if 8 people are willing to get together and exp together, let them get as much HP as they can, there should be a benefit for 8 people working together, that is important and that benefit is provided to groups of players working together on any MMO out there today.

Thank you for reading, I apologize if any of what I said came off as rude, I'm just very passionate about this because I feel very strongly that this is a source of lifeline that keeps getting tied down and is not being allowed to benefit the server. You don't understand how many people have literately told me this is one of the main reasons they refuse to return (safe spots being the other big part of it)


Quote from: Daenks
@skittles1 we should always add settings for everything, especially changes we added. You know my philosophy on this. If we don't use it, maybe another server will.

@M59Gar and @Dethryn we try and keep the lengthy discussions to the forums. I will create a thread there a bit later.

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