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Mumble (Voice-Chat) Server


I have opened up a mumble server for everyone to use.

Mumble is a free/open source version of TeamSpeak/Ventrillo

Port: 64738

You can download the mumble client here:

The same rules will be enforced on Mumble as here on the forums.

If you would like a private channel for your guild/friends/etc I will be glad to provide one, reach out to me via PM on the forums, or email me at [email protected] for assistance with setting up private channels.

Thanks and Enjoy,

Is anyone else using it? Im feeling lonely there :(

I'm in an out in the US evenings :)

Then I hold my eyes open, Ill find you someday! :D

I use it but only when I can get someone else to get on it for sure lol  Especially when I'm explaining the changes on 103 to new players or old returning players...thats a lot of stuff to type lol


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