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Author Topic: Beginning to wrap up old content holes so we can progress the story  (Read 1587 times)


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My first section basically consists of more concise ideas, and then I get a little more detailed on individual aspects in the following sections.

So I am 100% open to any alternative ideas for story progression. The only thing I'm really looking for is solid ground to stand on when developing future content.
That being said, currently the most solid ground I have comes from the current content (example: npcdlg.txt which feeds the NPC responses to keywords in game)

// Discussion with keen and Delerium lead me to this:
Year 0 - 'The Empire' travels to 'Meridian' (somehow- either on the same world or through dimensions/portals whatever)
Brax is built as the very first colony and existed for about 150 years. During this time Venya'cyr comes into contact with the 'gold urn' which houses 'The Ancient One'
   and through events becomes The Lich Queen. She tries to kill Tendrath (someone who could stop her) and Tendrath destroys the city. Few families escape.
So 'The Empire' just travels to a new land and in that time something really bad happens (destruction of an entire settlement) so 'The Emipre' covers it up which explains the lack
of details on the whole event and junk..

So going back to the families that escaped/survived Brax, Zarrus (cousin of Venya'cyr with details in npcdlg.txt game files) headed for the lands that are now Tos. So the theme from
the people of Brax are names like: Venya'Cyr, Ker'toth, Kara'set (friend of Venya'cyr). That nameing style exists through generations with Shal'ille, and more recently Tenuv'vyal.
Zarrus was one to escape, and is the ancestor of Zarcos I - V, where Zarcos V is the father of Kateriina (and technically the current King of Meridian).
---So without trying to get too in-depth with older storylines, this is a window to connect with newer stories. Meaning Tenuv'vyal/Shal'ille ect..

// Kateriina kidnapping story that Sif proposed for the next event:
From being exposed to the land of the Meridian, the power of The Ancient One has seeped into the spirits of all people.
Shal'ille and Jala noticed the growing evil and attepted to purge this evilness from themselves.
This gave rise to the concentrated evil, which formed as, or possibly possessed someone to create the original Vampire.
Something happened to where the original Vampire was sealed or renedered a non-threat (other Gods worked against it or whatever)

After many years past the Gods sacrificing themselves, their power dwindled and the Vampire was less contained so it grew in power.
Some event tipped the scale and caused the re-awakening of the vampire.



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Re: Beginning to wrap up old content holes so we can progress the story
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2015, 05:17:03 AM »

Indeed, if you want to dwell completely in the past then download the 101 client.  There has been many bugfixes, great.  But we need to move forward.  Re-releasing old content is the stuff of pirate servers ( though I think we can do something with a slow release type server someday)

It is time we settle the past, and do something new.


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Re: Beginning to wrap up old content holes so we can progress the story
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2016, 08:40:07 AM »

Most, if not all of that, can be written as readable in-game content (volunteering), so we don't necessarily have to play it out.  Although, much of it can be used to inspire future events if we want to dig up old villains.  I agree, though, that moving forward seems the thing to do.  I know the new expansion is still a long way off, but there is a lot we can do in the meantime.  We can raise new villains, play the factions against each other in new and interesting ways, and things like that.