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PAX South 2016!


Hey everyone! The Open Meridian Project and Meridian 59 will be running an Exhibitor booth next weekend at PAX South, 1/29 to 1/31. We are going to have multiple computers set up for people to play the game live at the show; due to the public nature of this event, the moderators, guides, and admins are going to be far stricter on language enforcement than you guys are used to. We will be broadcasting to a live audience (which includes children) on a large screen, so, for these dates, language is to be kept PG-13 in all broadcasts. Violations will result in a squelch for the first offense, and a temporary ban for the second. Please understand and work with us on this.

In exchange for this imposition, we will also be running several events this weekend. Hit point, skill, and spell advancement rates will all be doubled. The global item drop rate will be increased, and there will be several Escaped Convict events, with people at PAX piloting the Convict.

This is going to be a fantastic boon for the game, and we should see an influx of new people. Please try and welcome these individuals into the community.

Time for some excitement!


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