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Author Topic: Web Series  (Read 871 times)


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Web Series
« on: August 14, 2016, 10:33:30 PM »

So game development ideas are a dime a dozen in the age of open source, so I'll post a list of mine at a later date. The topic filling the globes at the moment is one of population and needing more of it. If we could get some interested and charismatic gamers to reply to this thread with some ideas about a possible web series, I'd be very interested to see what can come of it. For some suggestions, the videos might possibly be broadcast live on Twitch and recorded for later upload onto YouTube. They should be semi-scripted with a bit of comedy, an agenda of some kind, and loads of energy for each episode. There's loads of audio and video software out there to choose from, so we'd need to find something that works for everyone involved and keeps the quality presentable. There should also be associated social media, like a Twitter and maybe Instagram for any in-game snapshots that might be of interest.

I realize this may seem totally boring and worthless to some, but I am also sure we have all seen way worse gamer videos on YouTube than anything we come up with. YouTube is the second most used search engine next to Google itself (both actually being owned by Google), and the current top YouTubers are gamers. With the new trends of web series and podcasting exploding these days, I think combining them into a web series over a single game with gamers that are fun as hell to watch talk shit about killing rats in a group and progressing through the game might be more fun to watch than currently can be imagined.

Anyway, gamers that have loads of imagination and can see potential in this, please reply with some comments. Trolling about how boring as shit this may be to watch is unnecessary, so there, I just said it myself. Yes, there is that possibility if we get the wrong group of gamers doing it. But I believe there must be at least several individuals out there that have just been waiting for an opportunity to emerge onto the YouTube scene, and now this is your chance to have a community behind you.

I'll also just throw out the possible title of "Guilded." It's kind of a play on the current web series "The Guild" about a group of gamers in the game and out. This would be just in the game, but similar concept of geeky, nerdy jokes flying around, etc.

Also, since this would be an effort officially backed by the community, a few private YouTube videos first as a sample shared via link here in the forums would be preferred so we can see where it's heading and give any additional feedback as a community before it goes live.

Another note to consider, if you don't know much about YouTube, is original content can be monetized both through YouTube itself and through third-party services such as Patreon. So just throwing that out there as an added incentive to do a good job on this. I'm not expecting billion-dollar sponsor deals and partnerships like some YouTubers, but going to Starbucks once a month courtesy of something you do for fun doesn't sound half bad. And nobody can really predict viral content anyway, so you'll always have that possibility, however unlikely it may be.

I think people that know each other in real life or at least have a pre-existing chemistry of sorts would be best. I know there are several families that play, that could get interesting. Again, the community would back you up with all the technical skills you'd need, so don't worry about not knowing how to do whatever. Just be your regular entertaining self and we'll cover you for anything else you may need.
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