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Author Topic: Illusionary damage  (Read 449 times)


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Illusionary damage
« on: June 09, 2017, 06:55:09 AM »

So during the server move time when we can't update, we've continued to work. Not only have we fixed numerous bugs, but we've had time to take a good long look at some things. How about a teaser? If you hate this / love this, let us know!

There is a new damage type called ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION, representing mental and illusionary attacks. It replaces the old illusionary damage system which relied on some hokey effects.
Your Illusion resistance is directly equal to your Intellect at all times. Your Intellect *is* your Illusion resistance.
This means that Dement acts as a resistance debuff for Illusion damage. A Riija mage that Dements you will deal more damage with Illusionary Wounds, Illusionary Firewall, etc.

Illusion damage comes with a new status effect to replace the previous system's delayed recovery.
Previously, after a few minutes, you would get the message 'Hey! Some of those wounds were illusionary!' and be healed for that damage.
That system didn't really work well; the delay was so long that victims were often at full health and the heals became pointless.
It also meant that Illusion damage was basically an unresistable damage type with no real drawbacks.
The new status effect is STATUS_TRICKED, and does nothing on its own. Instead, it heals you when it incrementally wears off.
That way, illusion damage will give victims a slow but constant recovery throughout the battle it's used in. Status effects continue to tick while phased, but phased victims will miss out on the heal.

The Sorcery skills Empowerment and Inert Form have no effect on this status effect, as it does not stem from one of the six elements.

Illusion damage can now kill you rather than leaving you at 1 HP.
A lethal hit of illusion damage 'deranges' you, aka it destroys your mind.

All illusionary summons now deal illusion damage rather than their original's damage type.
This includes Apparition, Reflection, and Evil Twin. After all, they're not *really* shooting you with arrows or hitting you with a scimitar.
Note: They no longer deal weapon damage types, so they will ignore weapon resistance. Only Magic Resistance and Intellect resists pure illusion damage.
This may make them very dangerous to certain adventurers, because their damage is still based on the original. It's just purely magical now. If you deal 30 damage with a Scimitar you're going to get hit by an Evil Twin for 30 illusion damage that plate won't help against, only Magic Resist and Int.

Illusionary Grasp has been added to the game.
It's a Riija 2 touch spell that deals ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION damage, the new type.
It's a bit unique in that instead of Mysticism for proficiency and damage, it uses Intellect. It's the only touch spell that does.
Since you're punching, it's still a partially magical attack, meaning it sees (weapon resist + magic resist)/2.
The Sorcery skill Charged Clutch DOES NOT transfer ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION as it is not one of the six elements Sorcery works with.
One strange exception is the sword of Riija. It can transfer ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION from Illusionary Grasp with Charged Clutch, making it the only wieldable player weapon that can deal illusionary damage. No one knows why.
Illusionary Grasp is sold by Wulfgang Zax'ak.

Singular focus has been added to the game.
It's a Riija 6 personal enchantment that lasts up to 3 hours. (Yes, 3 hours).
The most devout disciples of the Trickster God can see realms of knowledge beyond mortal ken. This increased intellect comes at a heavy cost to the body, but one which master illusionists are often willing to pay. Requires two rainbow fern, two vials of solagh, and two bags of firesand.
Increases Intellect by up to 20 while decreasing Might, Agility, and Aim by up to 20.
The amount added is always the same as the cost.
This increased Intellect will not let you learn new skill levels, but will act as damage boosts to base illusion damage in full as well as being half of many spell attacks (which use both int and myst).
In short, this is both an illusion resistance spell and a magic damage boost which is good for myst spells and GREAT for int spells.
This is a self-only buff intended to increase the value of Riija 6 for main characters.
As it stands, it is the hardest PE in the game to Purge. However, it costs 60 mana to cast. (remember, it lasts 3 hours).
Singular focus is sold by Duke Akardius.

Morphed characters will deal the attack type of their assumed form, but also (and always) ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION. For example, if a creature they've morphed into deals slash and fire, they'll deal slash and illusion. If the creature just deals whip damage, they'll deal whip and illusion. The actual amount of dealt damage depends on the creature.

And finally, Illusionary Wounds and Illusionary Firewall are now much more straightforward, simply dealing ATCK_SPELL_ILLUSION instead of 'absolute' unresistable fire damage. Illusionary Wounds loses its random fake elements and instead uses the illusionary damage words: perturbs, dismays, frightens, terrifies, deranges. To continue with the previous random elements theme, all illusionary damage now gives a random color for the screen flash (normally acid flashes green, shock flashes light blue, fire flashes red, etc - illusionary damage will choose randomly from all the elements as part of confusing the opponent).

All in all, this is intended to be a unification of the disparate random illusion spells in the game. This is a massive buff in some ways and a mild nerf in others. Our goal here is for illusionary damage to be more easily understood and used, and to bring Riija under the umbrella of magic, illusion, and Intellect rather than having it be this weird school that can somehow create real copies of players and monsters that deal real physical damage types etc. Reflections and Evil Twins retain the ability to proc hold/blind/purge/etc from the weapons they copy, mainly because it's hilarious and Riija is, after all, a prankster. Think of it as redirection of the existing hold/blind/purge/etc enchantment.

Now a Riija mage is a force to be reckoned with on the Intellect axis. All his spells and attacks benefit purely from Int (not Int + Myst) and he can debuff your Int and increase his own Int to really lay the illusionary smackdown. Riija pure fighters will still benefit from the anti-spellpower effects of Dement and the combat capabilities of reflections and evil twin, they just won't necessarily be great at illusionary wounds or grasp - unless they use Charged Clutch to add illusionary damage to their sword of Riija.
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