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  • December 16, 2017, 08:07:34 PM
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Author Topic: An Analysis on Shards on the Metagame  (Read 296 times)


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An Analysis on Shards on the Metagame
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:49:25 AM »

This is a very fun and new mechanic introduced to Meridian. Now I will be able to customize my
characters much more deeply. Except for one thing, all of this customization is diminished by one
absolute infuriating and murder-invoking mechanic: RNG. For those who’ve never been subjected to its
torture, it is the vile random number generator. It’s a demonic demi-god who enjoys torturing mortals
by placing random elements which place them at the mercy of their elements with zero opportunity
whatsoever to react. I stand in direct opposition to any mechanic which revolves around form of luck.
Sharding gear completely revolves around absolute luck and the only way to improve your chance is to
spend more time. This strong presence of RNG in shards has strongly negative effects on my enjoyment
of the game, and almost all strong players have become frustrated at the lack of opportunity for skill
expression. Let’s take a moment to examine why this is:

I’ve been talking to a lot of players who’ve played on 103 over the last year. They are really impressed by
the absurd amount of work you’ve put into the desert/schools/systems. But they all mention how they
despise gear. Gear grinding is the antithesis of meridian, as we always have had opportunities for
outplay regardless of item quality. They mentioned how discouraging it is to deal around 8 damage
across all of their damage types because someone is wearing plate armor with ~40-65 resists to all
elements. With the introduction of heartstone shards, building anti-damage gods has never been easier.
Most players don’t even bother adding most of the other rolls. Maybe 10% damage on their weapon
attacks. 75 weapon resist with 50+ across all faren elements is unbearably difficult to deal with for non-
witchery, non-Qor builds. This type of gear substantially defeats renders all builds outside of Witchery/Faren toons or Riija PFs near to obsolete.

This encourages a tanky/deal damage type of metagame. Witchery subverts this
playstyle by having the ability to ‘poke holes’ in gear and deal absurd amounts of damage in the element
of choice. Riija Pure Fighters are on the opposite end of the spectrum they abuse reflections, AMA, and
remove your ability to heal(via unholy damage) oneself. They use this crutch strategy to -outlast- their
opponents. Generally the worst abusers of this would be Elven Pure fighters with a slight durability
bonus(10% magic resist) with bonus damage to partial attacks(10% I believe) kara’hol’s, 60+ Aim. They
don’t deal incredible amounts of damage but they are difficult to lock down and are consistent: They
never miss. Although you are healed over time from the illusions, the attacks DO magic damage and
come in unpredictable bursts, which in turn can be devastating in certain circumstances. If you are
unfortunate to get caught in a robe, it is an almost instant ~60 damage. Generally, plate + KS + Jonas +
gort + ~50 Unholy Resist because building Neru + nomad shield + RM + Cess leaves you ~10% vulnerable
to normal weapon attacks.

Proposed Re-evaluation of the Shard System:

-Major, Minor, and heartstone shards should add only one randomized enchant at a time.

-Draining Shards should remove the last enchant on a piece of gear at a time.

-Gear should allow the number of enchants relative to item level. (200 allows 5 enchants. 210 allows 6.
160 allowing 4, 170 allowing 5, but one enchant weak etc. )

By revamping the shard system to an “enchant by enchant” basis, you give players a larger amount of
control and customization. And deal with a lot less RNG. It’s a bit more straightforward and a bit less
anti-faren focused. On the contrary, they still are rolling for what they want so they still will expend
quite a few shards to get what they want. Additionally, you remove the frustrating element of absolute
luck that we all secretly despise. Perhaps, players will be a lot less frivolous with the good gear they’ve
spent 400 draining shards rolling on. Otherwise, you won’t see any interesting set ups outside of

I hope that this makes sense.


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Re: An Analysis on Shards on the Metagame
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2017, 10:47:01 PM »

This sounds like a good direction to take shards in.