Patch 30

February 23, 2017

NEW CONTENT SYSTEMS: CHAMPION MONSTERS Rare & legendary monsters have been added to the game. Monsters will now spawn with a chance for modifiers: Swift, Tough, Deadly, Indomitable, and Legendary. These monsters will have extra abilities and extra rewards. Swift monsters are faster. Tough monsters have extra health. Deadly monsters deal extra damage. Indomitable monsters […]

Patch 29

February 17, 2017

Patch 29 is now live and we’re getting better at the process, so we can start moving into heavier additions! Meanwhile, population is growing and we’re getting some pretty dedicated Throne Room parties. Major additions for Patch 29: TOS BATTLE ARENA You can find the underground Battle Arena of Kraanan through the new back entrance […]

Relaunch & Patch 28

February 11, 2017

Log in 6 PM EST today, Saturday February 11, to check out the new content! There are some new faces taking the reins to add content and get things going again on 103. Things will be a bit different this time. Our new main objectives: 1 – New content. We will mainly be adding new […]

Update 27 Patch Notes

January 26, 2016

General Changes Add code to lower flags to half-mast for mourning. Re’xeochicatl now casts reflection instead of apparition. Zi’xeochitatl now has a permanent invisibility effect. Add a dm command ‘dm turn off pk’ to disable PvP on the current screen for an hour. Remove enfeeble and dement from thrashers. Thrashers will now drop slightly more […]

Update 26 Patch Notes

December 1, 2015

It has been two months since the last update, and we’ve spent that time working on some significant improvements to the server and also quality of life changes for players. Building on the BSP tree addition to the server in August’s update, monsters will now use this method for determining where they can move which […]

Update 25 Patch Notes

August 18, 2015

Update 25 contains some of the biggest changes to Meridian 59’s codebase since the game’s open sourcing in 2012. The server’s “line of sight” code has been rewritten and the server now computes line of sight using the same BSP tree calculations done by the client. This means that all of the “LoS issues” bugging […]

Update 24 Patch Notes

July 21, 2015

The focus leading up to July’s update has been to revamp the quest system, which has long been an annoyance for players. The quests were given as text only meaning the player could log out and forget the task they were meant to complete, most quests had no indication of the time remaining, and players […]

Update 23 Patch Notes

June 9, 2015

This is more of a mini-update focusing on bug fixes and a revamped build process for the codebase. The build process changes will allow developers to work on the game more easily, and means any new devs interested in working on the game will find the initial setup and learning process a lot simpler. The […]

Meridian 59 Tools – GitHub Repository

June 3, 2015

For any potential contributor, the first tool they will encounter when deciding to help with the project is GitHub. GitHub is a web-based service for hosting git repositories, which allows multiple users to work on the same codebase together. This is the service we use for handling version control, pull requests (submissions from contributors) and […]

Update 22 Patch Notes

May 25, 2015

It’s the end of the month again which means it’s time for us to update. Last month’s update was well received by players, and was even mentioned in articles on a few gaming sites. We still aim to bring back the Necromancer scenario that was fixed up in Update 21, however this month most of […]

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