Gameplay Changes
– Portal of Life now works on players who’ve logged off/on after dying.

– Paralyze effect on login now applies to phase-in and the default duration has been increased
to 2.5 seconds. Phase post-cast timer (delay before Phase can be cast again) is still 1.5

seconds. Both of these can be changed in-game by admin if necessary.

– Lupoggs now move slightly faster, and have less resistance to touch spells and some weapons.

– Ring of Flames focus time removed.

– Casting Apparition will only use monsters from the room’s monster list if you have enough spellpower to do so (rolls spellpower chance).

– New spell in Riija level 6, Seduce (completed from old 3DO code). Costs 22 mana, 20 vigor, 3 kriipa claws and 2 web moss, lasts for 30-60 seconds. Sold by Riija monk, if you meet the requirements (the monk will tell you). Charms a monster to fight for you. Chance to seduce is based on player intellect, max HP and spellpower, and available monsters are limited by player max HP. Monster will attack you after the charm wears off. You can seduce other players’ minions (all types of minions) however this is safety checked and will turn you orange if applicable. Players are limited to 4 minions at a time (not including reflections).

– Minions now show up in different colors on the map/minimap: purple for minions owned by other players and green for your own minions. Attacking a monster with a purple dot is equivalent to attacking that monster’s master.

– Minion AI is now fixed; all minions (except Dragonfly Queen) will now attempt to attack players that you target and try to attack (even if out of range). Minions cannot be explicitly recalled but will attempt to defend you.

– Reflection HP slightly raised again (should be killed in two hits if caster has high spellpower).

– Attacking reflections and evil twins also checks safety correctly now.

– Lowered Mark of Dishonor duration on monsters to 20-50 seconds, and players to 2-5 minutes (down from 2-10 minutes on both). Lowered chance to increase to 25, raised meditate ratio to 40. Now puts the monster in a ‘waiting state’ for the whole duration as opposed to a few seconds. Spell upgraded to allow duration to be set in-game by admin.

– Lowered Forget duration from 1-3 minutes to 30-60 seconds on players. Reagents reduced from 2 firesand/2 uncut to 1 firesand/2 uncut. Meditate ratio increased to 40 and chance to increase lowered to 20. Forget can now be cast on monsters (duration 7-15 seconds) and puts the monster in the ‘waiting state’ similar to Mark of Dishonor. Spell upgraded to allow duration to be set in-game by admin.

Bug Fixes and misc.
– Thrasher trap gates now open if a monster gets the kill on the last thrasher.

– Fixed some bad object references caused by Soldier Shield quests.

– Improved the code for handling item disposal in rooms; should prevent large loot piles.

– Client now contains links to the Open Meridian homepage, forums and Wiki in the Help menu.

– Client should now load the user’s default browser to view web pages.

– Evil twins of monsters no longer drop ‘extra’ loot, i.e. chieftain’s arrows.

– Guilds will now mature even if all (still minimum 3) players are offline. Default maturity times are 3 hours for public and 6 hours for secret guild.

– While all players should be receiving the correct Training Points already, there is now code to prevent any future cases of players receiving the incorrect amount of points.

– Toggling the map no longer causes a dropped/invalid target.

– Ring of Flames will now correctly fail if you cannot cast it due to guild/safety issues.

– Narthyl worms now play a sound when they die.

– Fixed a rare bug that was allowing monsters to hit targets they couldn’t reach.

– Fixed the bug preventing players from Purging themselves.

– Fixed the safety check and safety message display in Shatterlock.

– Changed default settings on Elusion (always castable), Shadow Rift (not available or castable) and ‘Poison’ (not available to players).