Hello everyone!
As of today, The Open Meridian Project is concluding Phase 1 of our plan. We have spent the last 9 months getting Meridian 59:Evolution where we thought it should have been all along.
From this point forward, our team efforts will be focused on an as-yet-unnamed expansion to the game.
There may be, however, subtle adjustments and bug fixes between now and then, including some currently proposed but undecided changes to the CC systems (Blind,Dazzle,EA,FA, etc.).
The expansion will contain one new city, and one┬áre-purposed┬ácity (Raza/Hazar), a desert area, a new guildhall, a new skill school, a completed Jala school, new equipment, new quests (and a bounty system!), and one or more methods to rank yourselves in PvP and earn rewards from it. We will see the debut of scripted instances (commonly referred to as “raids” in other MMOs), socketed gear, and many more additions to the game.
On behalf of the Open Meridian team,