Log in 6 PM EST today, Saturday February 11, to check out the new content!

There are some new faces taking the reins to add content and get things going again on 103. Things will be a bit different this time. Our new main objectives:

1 – New content. We will mainly be adding new things to do, new gear, new areas, and more. We are willing to take risks on this and fix or remove systems that players don’t end up liking, but the main goal is to continually move forward just a little bit faster than you guys explore all the content.

2 – No administrators. This is a hardline stance. No admins means no corruption or catering, and you are free to play in the way you want. In regard to any previous dramas, nobody you dislike will be ‘in charge’ or telling you how to play. All previous admin functions (password resets etc) are available by emailing [email protected] or posting on the forums. As a final note, all bans and suspensions are lifted. From here on out, bans and suspensions will not be given to human players. Ignore exists for a reason.

3 – PvP is good. Meridianites were meant to conflict. Evolving PvP meta. Not always perfectly balanced, but changing in time with people figuring out new best things.

4 – Open contributions. If you make a monster, area, room, etc, a way will be found to put it in the game somewhere appropriate.

And now for the details of PATCH 28!

At 6 PM EST on Saturday February 11 (today!) we will be turning on two new content systems on 103.


The first is a two-fold system: reincarnation and player races. If you’ve ever played a text MUD or games based on one, you might have seen this classic advancement system. Here on 103, we’ve implemented a simple offering that creates very complex choices.

For now, your first reincarnation is available to any non-angeled character to allow you to experience the new content without needing a completely built character – but all reincarnations beyond the first require you to reach max health and max learned levels. When you are max HP and an NPC tells you that you cannot learn anymore, you’ll know it’s time. Then, head to the new basement of Cor Noth’s Hall of Genealogy.

In that basement, READ THE BOOKS. We can’t be more serious here: READ THE BOOKS. You cannot undo these choices. Reincarnating destroys any held items, removes all learned skills and spells, breaks all mana node links, sets you back to 20 health, and leaves you a newborn in Raza – and your angel will never return! This is not for the faint of heart. The only things you keep between reincarnations are your name, reputation, guild affiliation, and vaulted gear and banked money.

When you reincarnate, you will have a choice of race to become in your new life. Currently, there are four races: human, half-orc, half-demon, and half-elf. Humans and orcs we know; demons are from a new land about to open up for exploration, while elves are a diverse family of races that include the fey elhai and other creatures of the forest. Half-human players are immediately recognizable because of their different appearances.

Each of these races has different stat maximums, innate resistances, and capacity for hunger and eating.

Each reincarnation, half-human races get 1 additional stat point to allocate as they see fit. Full humans get 2 additional stat points per reincarnation.

Reincarnations are currently capped at ten.

As an example of how race affects a character’s stats, half-orcs can have up 60 natural might and 60 natural stamina, allowing them to hold more and have up to 160 health, but they can only reach 30 agility and 30 aim. Intellect and mysticism are unaffected – after all, there are many orcs that go on to become wizards. Half-orcs have innate resistances you may be familiar with from fighting them in the caves, and they can eat a great deal, as well as rest up to 120 max vigor. Half-orcs are an easy choice for a first reincarnation, because they are extremely straightforward in their strengths.

Upon reincarnation, you will be given an immediate free stat reset. If you fail to use it at that time for some reason, go to an Elder and you will still be able to change your stats.

Once again, READ THE BOOKS in the Hall of Genealogy before you reincarnate! This is a veteran-level system intended to drastically expand available character-building options. Don’t blindly reincarnate!


The other content system we’ll be enabling is one intended to reward building at all levels. Any monsters you kill of a level equal to your own or higher – whether you’re a newbie or a veteran – will have a small chance to drop new mysterious crystal shards. These shards can be used to imbue gear of many types with random modifications.

But how strong are these modifications? Glad you asked! Each piece of gear in the game now has an item level in its description at the bottom that is based off of the level of the monster that dropped it. Pre-existing gear and NPC-sold gear is only level 20, but just like monsters, gear can be of level 150 and beyond! Meanwhile, the shards themselves are the same no matter what dropped them. That means newbies can sell their shards to veterans if they like while also buying high-item-level gear in return. This system is purposely intended to function economically in this manner.

This system is intended to augment the building process and drastically expand the powers available through gear. Available modifiers are fairly simple right now, but will increase over time. Right now you can imbue a random series of mods that include additional armor, defense, resistances and the like. Weapons and gauntlets can also increase your damage.

It’s also definitely intended to function alongside reincarnation. Give a new life a spin and collect magical shards while you build! Be there at 6 PM EST today when we turn it all on!