What is the Open Meridian Project about? Succinctly, we are the promise of Open Source. 101 and 102 are a decade and a half old now, and they were not constructed from the ground up with Open Source in mind. We will start fresh, with foundations lain specifically to take advantage of everything the Meridian community has to offer. Better policies for administration, bug fixes, content implementation, and player interaction are all core to what we’re trying to do.

Section 1: Atmosphere and Administrators

1. The social atmosphere is the most important factor to a healthy server. We will constantly promote a healthy atmosphere, and by joining us, you agree to do the same.
2. Administrators (Purple or Green Names) will not handle petty player problems. Administrators will be primarily concerned with the heath and welfare of the server at large. They will have access to the Admin window and back-end server access.
3. Guides (Blue Names) will generally only have the power to squelch. They will not have access to the admin window, to create items, spawn monsters, become invisible, or otherwise interfere with game play in any manner. They will act as community ambassadors that hang out, enjoy their time on-line and interact with the player base in a calm and friendly manner.
4. Squelches will be freely given, since they do not affect PvP. There will be no unending stream of troll posts and broadcasts. Action will be taken swiftly to resolve any instances of this behavior.
5. To prevent Administrator and Guide corruption, all Admin and Guide actions are publicly logged in the God Log, which can be found from the front page of our web site. We encourage all players to review this log, and ask questions about what is going on there.

Section 2: Cheating, Banning, Account Security

1. There will be no permanent bans for anything within the context of the game, as long as the action does not affect the server, its hosting provider, or players real lives, you will not be permanently banned.
2. Players caught cheating, duplicating items, exploiting bugs or speed hacking will have all of their accounts (and any account they have ever logged into) deleted.
3. This means that if your friend cheats, and has ever logged on to your account, your account may be deleted. There is no way to recover a deleted character, so please take care who you share your account information with.
4. The cheats, hacks, or exploits will be fixed through code as swiftly as they are discovered.
5. In return for helping us to discover and fix these problems, the caught player will be allowed to return immediately to game play on new accounts and with new characters.
6. The caught players’ actions and punishment will be posted for the world to see, with full details, and what happens then will be up to the community.
7. We do not perform password resets for any reason. If you lose access to your account for any reason, there is no way for you to get it back.
8. We do not condone the sale of accounts, characters, items, shillings, or any other in-game resource for external currency. Advertisement of such services will lead to your communication privileges being revoked, and could lead to your accounts being deleted.

Section 3: User Experience and Competition

1. We will continue to place a strong priority on improving the user interface, building process, and the learning experience for new players.
2. We will also place a priority on creating new content, this means new maps, new monsters, new systems and scenarios that will allow all players to build, compete, and have fun all at the same time.
3. We will continue to reduce and eliminate muling in all its forms, through systems that reduce the usefulness of them.

Section 4: Content

1. School re-balancing and completion will continue to be a big priority. We will strive to add new spells and skills to existing schools, and create new ones as needed.
2. Expanding the world of Meridian is one of our chief goals and we will continue to add maps as we progress.
3. Lore will remain consistent with the Meridian storyline, though we plan to advance it over time.

Section 5: Spirit of Meridian

1. We will keep to the core spirit of the game. We realize this has a different meaning to different people, suffice it to say that we we would like a former 3do player to be able to log on today (and in the future) and be able to start playing immediately without having to learn everything from scratch.
2. We will ensure there is always free-world PvP in some fashion.
3. We will ensure the character progression scheme remains true to its roots.
4. We will avoid the ‘pirate server’ feel, essentially we will ensure our changes are well thought out and not arbitrary additions for convenience.

Section 6: Growing the Game

1. We will work with the Trademark holders to publish the game on Steam, GoG.com, and other game/software services.
2. We will use social media tools and SEO to engage former and new players.
3. We will work to make running, configuring, and customizing a Meridian server as easy as possible, in order to grow diversity.
4. We will offer tools to potential Meridian server hosts to facilitate ease of deployment and to make quick connections to the potential player base.

Section 7: Communication

1. We want the community involved in our decision making process. We welcome all opinions and criticism at all times. Our forums will be the primary location of this interaction, as well as in-game communication, IRC chat, and other forms.
2. We respectfully insist that your communication with our volunteer team remain about ideas and not people. We reserve the right to moderate unhealthy, pointless, rude, or disrespectful comments.

Section 8: Rules
1. In addition to these guidelines, players in game are also bound by the forum rules and ToS which can be seen here: http://openmeridian.org/forums/index.php/topic,4.0.html