Gameplay Changes
– If a player casts Create Weapon and cannot hold it, the weapon will drop onto the floor.
– Create weapon can no longer make battle and long bows, but can make practice bows instead.
– Players logging on will now experience a small hold effect (1.5 seconds) unless they are already affected by the Hold spell. This is to discourage ‘flashing’.
– Phase now has a separate post-cast timer of 1.5 seconds, during which time the player cannot cast Phase again. Phase can still be cast instantly after casting another spell or attacking but this will prevent repeated flashes or stutter-stepping to safety using Phase.
– Added twelve more colors for user text (says, broadcasts, etc.). The added color codes and colors are: ‘f’, bright red; ‘l’, light green; ‘y’, yellow; ‘p’, pink; ‘o’, orange; ‘a’, aquamarine; ‘c’, cyan; ‘q’, purple; ‘t’, teal; ‘s’, dark grey; ‘v’, violet and ‘m’, magenta.
– Words spoken when using the Meditate spell are now blocked , similar to other trance spells.
– Monsters and players killed by reflections will no longer impact upon the caster’s karma.
– Evil twins and reflections now move faster but have their difficulty lowered by 1 each (reflection 4 to 3, twins 9 to 8).
– Evil Twin reagents lowered from 3 solagh/3 moss to 2 solagh/2 moss. Monsters can now only have one evil twin cast on them at a time.
– Evil twins, reflections and apparitions no longer count towards a room’s summoning limit.
– Apparition no longer has a cast time; base mana cost increased from 14 to 15.
– Dark angels can now only have two reflections up at a time.

Bug Fixes and misc.
– MySQL code headers moved to their own directory.
– Item attribute timers with invalid objects caused by Create Weapon should no longer be possible.
– Meditate now correctly distinguishes between Fire and Fireball.
– Evil twins and apparitions now kept track of by each Battler instead of the System object.
– Dark angels now cast Reflection correctly using SID_REFLECTION instead of from pieces of reflection code placed in the dark angel KOD file. Any monster can now use the spell SID to cast reflection.
– Removed the crude vigor system monsters were using to determine whether to take a step or not. This system was stopping low HP monsters from moving at all (i.e. reflections and evil twins).
– Attack spells now fail correctly when cast on invalid targets due to differing rooms, rather than throwing an error due to a recent change to the code responsible for determining distance to a target.
– Some of the code responsible for enchantments moved from Player/Monster to Battler to provide support for casting enchantments on monsters.
– Players affected by Armor of Gort (attacking or defending) will now see a message informing them that Gort is working.
– Fixed a bug that was causing all weapons with enchantments or item attributes to not give hitroll bonuses. For example, hold mystic swords were not giving the hitroll bonus of a mystic sword due to the hold attribute.
– Issue with resizing the allocated list nodes causing server crashes fixed.
– Fixed a bug that was preventing members of both guilds that had a broken alliance from attacking each other; specifically the party that didn’t break the alliance was unable to attack.
– Removed spam from evil twins trying to attack their victims in safe zones.
– DM commands are now logged in the (soon to be) publically available ‘God Log’.

Thanks to Delerium for writing this out

Happy Hunting!