Bug fixes & Misc
– All spells should now work correctly in both Tos Arena and Goad’s Grinder.
– Monsters (including summoned ones) can now participate in Arena matches.
– Traditional and Last Man Standing Arena match lengths increased slightly.
– Goad’s Grinder now works correctly and includes a 30 second timer for players logging off to return to the fight before it ends. This may be implemented in Tos Arena at a later date.
– Arena now discords all room and radius enchantments when a match ends.
– Faction timer quests weren’t scheduling properly due to hitting a max value in the code and being set to 1. The first player who lost faction set the number of scheduled loyalty quests to 0 and none were handed out until a player hit the warning time or another joined the faction. Quests should now always be available.
– The outlaw penalty from quests has been changed to a negative stat boon.
– New characters now have appropriate vigor and ‘stomach’ variables set so they can eat and lose vigor normally.
– Multiple spelling errors fixed in quest dialog.
– Last vigor drain time is now set when a character logs in to remove/prevent any more vigor issues.
– Rooms now dispose of 25% of items on the floor (up from 20%) and will only do this when more than 12 items are present (up from 5). When 75 items are reached and a dispose timer goes off, half will be deleted to prevent graphical issues and room crashes.
– Rooms now correctly delete the oldest items instead of the newest.
– Permanent enchantments caused by a rare interaction between Phase and logging off are now handled correctly, and existing enchantments will be removed.
– New C function available in KOD code: IsTimer. Takes one variable and returns 1 if it’s a timer, 0 otherwise.
– Added some $ checks to monsters and the Earthquake spell to clear up some errors.
– Earthquake now has a setting for the amount of damage the caster takes. Default value is 100%.
– Fix minions attempting to attack items that cause damage to their master.
– Stop server trying to send Guild lists to unguilded players using the new client.
– Fix attempted deletion of a non-existent faction timer when player gets booted from a faction.
– Riija Monk will now be a bit less spammy.