– MySQL database code refactored; more info on what kind of data will be available will be given in the near future.
– Improved the log messages for Admin and DM say commands in the GodLog.
– Fixed some errors with Guild info being sent to unguilded players.
– Fixed errors that occur when a player tries to look at something that isn’t a game object.
– Fixed an error in the Hall of Heroes statue calculation that was preventing some statues from ever being claimed after a certain number of people obtained the highest % possible for that statue.
– Fixed a bug causing Mark of Dishonor to occasionally leave a player with a higher resting vigor.
– Fixed a bad interaction between Crystalize Mana and Meditate causing mana to drop to 25 when CM is active and Meditate is used to return mana.
– Fixed an error that caused Seduce to not bypass safety checks in Arena.
– Added a setting to armor to allow it to be colored easier, without the use of royal shirt hacks.
– Fixed an error causing Earthquake to not modify damage to the caster based on resistances.
– Fixed a bug that was causing Earthquake to only grant training points and tougher rolls from kills rarely.
– Improved logging of Admin teleporting to rooms and objects, and any players teleported to Admins.
– Potions and scrolls that are split now inherit the properties of the original (revealed or not, karma restrictions).
– Jig now prevents casting of attack spells.
– Several bugs caused by overlapping object flags (e.g. morphed players showing up as minions on map) have been fixed.
– Fixed error in Armageddon spell preventing the ‘spell cast’ message from being displayed.
– Animated minions are now set free when the master logs off, to prevent minions hanging around indefinitely.
– Minions can no longer attack players the master cannot attack.
– Prisms will no longer be deleted by the room item disposal code.
– Prism spells will no longer cast without a prism in rare circumstances.
– Monsters who preferentially target ‘wizard’ players now look for players who have more than 50 spells, instead of just level 5 in one school.
– Attacking with a minion now correctly colors the master (specifically, all minions now use the code from reflections/ETs).
– Monsters killed by minions will act as if they’re killed by the master with regards to loot (but not karma).
– Minions no longer try to attack themselves, or each other.
– Minions no longer interfere with casting wall spells.
– Players can always pick up loot from monsters killed by other monsters.
– Reflections no longer attack their master.
– Distill will now drop potions on the ground if the caster cannot carry them.
– The text box colors for pink, aquamarine, cyan, dark grey, orange and magenta have been adjusted (~p, ~a, ~c, ~s, ~o and ~m).
– Extra durable items now start off at maximum durability.
– Superfluous lines in some maps (Underworld, Quintor’s, Tos Cragged) have been removed.