This is more of a mini-update focusing on bug fixes and a revamped build process for the codebase. The build process changes will allow developers to work on the game more easily, and means any new devs interested in working on the game will find the initial setup and learning process a lot simpler. The most visible change for players here is a performance boost to the client (10-20% faster rendering) due to some compiler flag changes.

General Changes

  • The spellcaster weapon attribute (Mystical energy flits about this weapon) now spawns with spells other than Mark of Dishonor. The other available spells are Dement, Enfeeble, Evil Twin, Forget, Vertigo and Invisibility, which is cast on the wielder rather than the target. The weapons will now display which spell they cast in the item description. Swap is not available at this time.
  • Spellcaster weapon chance to cast increased from 3-6% to 15%, bringing it in line with other weapon attributes (can be changed live if necessary).
  • Players can now withdraw partial amounts of items from vaults, if they cannot hold the entirety of what they try to withdraw (similar to how buying partial amounts from NPCs works).
  • The 1 shilling withdrawal fee in the Ko’catan vaults has been removed.
  • Spectral Mummy karma set to 0 (no karma change when killing them). This was already live.
  • Client performance upgrade – client should run 10-20% faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the spellcaster weapon attribute only ever spawning Mark of Dishonor weapons.
  • Marion Crypt now checks for players in room before attempting to cast Martyr’s Battleground.
  • Player enchantments now cleared during server RecreateAll.
  • RecreateAll now recreates all spells in Phase 3.
  • Illusionary Wounds, spellcaster weapon attribute and reagent return lists now reference spell SIDs, not the spell objects.
  • Updated the message in the dialog box shown to players when the keybind utility cannot be loaded. This was telling players to reinstall the entire game, when that is not necessary.
  • Fixed inventory scrollbar occasionally not drawing correctly.
  • Fixed the player’s view in the hardware renderer cutting out at ~190 row/cols (limit raised to 380 row/cols).
  • Fixed Lupogg King trying to target players outside the cavern.
  • Fixed missing or incorrect textures in several rooms.

Build Changes

For those interested in development, the build process has been simplified. A future Meridian 59 Tools post will focus on how to build and get set up with the codebase in detail, using both makefiles and the new VS solution. For existing developers, using “nmake” as before will still work, and you’ll find you no longer need to copy resources and graphics after the build completes.

  • A Visual Studio solution is now available which can build the entire codebase. The makefile build process is still available, with the same improvements listed here.
  • Graphics and music files automatically copied over from the client install location listed in the Patcher when building the client.
  • Resource string files (.rsc, .rsb) automatically copied to server and client when building Blakod.
  • Rooms and new graphics automatically copied to server/client when building Resources.
  • Compiler flags updated for increased performance in the Release build.
  • Final build option is now the same as Release.