Welcome to Open Meridian

Meridian 59 is a long-running medieval fantasy combat and adventure MMO, and was the first commercial 3D MUD upon its release in 1995. Since then, it has seen many new graphics engines, new clients, and new owners. Now, the game is Open Source: We are the Open Meridian Project, and we produce Meridian 59: Community Edition; based on the commercial edition at Meridian59.com.

Meridian’s popularity and legacy have been built mainly on its now-rare hardcore nineties-era sensibilities. Your experience in the world of Meridian 59 will not be hand-held, guided by pages of quest text, or safe. Players rule the various cities and castles of the land through the influence of their guilds and factions, and it’ll be the players you either anger or ally. Furthermore, there are no classes or levels; the combination of skills you employ is up to you, and every aspect of your strength can be built through combat or solving puzzles. Your adventure is up to you.

Check out the information below to begin your journey into the lands of Meridian 59!

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