Hello everyone,


As some of you have relentlessly pointed out in the past, our team thus far–though doing some amazing things–has had some serious problems with our communication both internally and externally, our decision making processes, and a host of other smaller issues. We have needed clear definitions and restrictions since our inception, and today’s announcement is the first part of this process.


As the de-facto team leader, I have been negligent in some of my responsibilities, mostly due to the sheer volume of items that needed to be accomplished. I have been overwhelmed, the team has been overwhelmed, and with today’s release of our new team structure and charter, I hope we can overcome these challenges and move forward with our shared goals–to expand and grow our beloved game, Meridian 59.


Moving forward from today, we as a team, will have a defined software development life cycle, with pre-defined roles for individuals willing and able to contribute to the team, as well as clear accountability structures that are spearheaded by the community. For example, moderators will now be able to squelch developers, not only in game, but on IRC and the Forums as well, if/when we get unruly. We are in the process of finalizing the development cycle, but it will be made public in the very near future. Until these policies are in place, no changes will be made to the game that affect play in any fashion.


As a symbol of our renewed dedication to these tasks, I am declaring amnesty to anyone previously banned from our project, these people are welcomed and encouraged to return. I hope those who do choose to return do so with the best intentions, resulting in a net positive effect on our community; and if they choose to be a negative, they will answer to the community-nominated moderators, not to a team of developers.


We are going to need your help in fulfilling all the new roles. If any of these positions look fun/rewarding to you, please get involved.




New Policies: http://openmeridian.org/forums/index.php?topic=218.0