Good evening meridian!


I am unveiling the new update mechanism, which will be used for all future patches.

The patcher can be installed at:

Once installed, it will check for updates to itself at launch, and install itself to your computer. It can be accessed later in the start menu, in the “Open Meridian” folder.

The interface is simple and should be easy enough to use.

Select a server profile, click the “Update/Install” button, and the program will do the rest. Once complete, press the “Play” button in the bottom right corner.

Please note, the program will create a new folder for Meridian 59 unless you specify otherwise (see below). The default folder will be something like “C:\Program Files\Open Meridian\Meridian 103” and the program will download a new copy of the entire client.

If you would like to use your existing folder or edit to point to your current meridian 59 path:

  1. click the “options” button (after selecting the appropriate profile)
  2. click the “modify profile” button
  3. paste your existing folder’s path into the box labeled “Client Folder”
  4. click “Save Profile
  5. use as described above.

Please be aware, that though mostly functional, the patcher is still a work in progress. You are bound to encounter bugs. Please report them and any other comments or concerns at:

The old update mechanism is still in place to fall back upon for those who cannot use the new one; but the former system will be removed once the new one has been proven.

Beta Server:

With the launch of the patcher, everyone is given the option to download the beta client and connect to the beta server.

The beta server’s purpose is to allow you to see what changes are currently being tested and help us discover bugs ¬†and provide feedback. But please remember, just because a change makes it to the beta server, does NOT mean it is guaranteed for the next (or any) patch. Please do NOT use the globes on the beta server to provide feedback, as they are not permanent.

The beta server’s changes will always be listed on github as a milestone. The list of all milestones can be seen at:

The oldest milestone is usually the one currently running on the Beta server. You will be notified upon log in which changes are implemented in the MOTD (character select screen).

In order to connect to the Beta server, just select server 104 from the drop down list in the new patcher, update or install the beta client, press play, and log in with your usual server 103 username and password.

The beta server is not garunteed to be running at any given point in time, but usually will be.

There is no way to make a new account on the beta server. The beta server’s save game is copied from server 103 periodically.

The current milestone (and changes targeted for the next patch) are listed under milestone “” which can be seen here: (

Feedback should be left on the pull request that made the change in question. These requests are listed at the milestone page described above. This is the only acceptable place to provide feedback on proposed changes. Posts on GitHub are moderated, please comment only on the proposed changes and not other commentators.

Globe posts, ingame tells, game mails, broadcasts, etc. are all acceptable for player to player discussion. However if you want your opinion noticed by the development team, please post it on Github.

We’re excited to bring you all one step closer to the development process and hope to hear the feedback generated by it, positive and negative.

Update 9:

With all that out of the way, the next update will be Thursday 5/22 sometime in the morning and after I’ve had my cup of coffee. So if you are so inclined, hop on the beta server and get your feedback reported!