Rare & legendary monsters have been added to the game. Monsters will now spawn with a chance for modifiers: Swift, Tough, Deadly, Indomitable, and Legendary. These monsters will have extra abilities and extra rewards.

Swift monsters are faster. Tough monsters have extra health. Deadly monsters deal extra damage. Indomitable monsters have all of these attributes. Legendary monsters are extremely rare, but are exponentially harder than even Indomitable monsters. The deadlier the monster, the more abilities they are likely to be given; abilities include but are not limited to the ability to disarm players, purge players, resist blind, resist hold, and other bonuses or skills.

XP, Training points, and item and money drops are multiplied by x3, x10, or x100 depending on tier. These monsters typically also are guaranteed to drop random shards in a number equal to their multiplier. Weaker monsters suffer a penalty to shard drops – for example, a Swift Giant Rat will drop no shards. However, a legendary shadowbeast can drop up to 100. Shards that drop in this manner have significantly better chances at being higher tiers.

Shatterlock is now an event opening spell. It no longer works on guild halls, but its first use is that of an alternate way of opening the Martyr’s Battleground node. Place the prism in the stonehenge in Ukgoth and complete a casting of Shatterlock to begin the event. Shatterlock will have more uses in the future as an alternate way to begin events, possibly Vale, Node Attacks, and more.

Prism spells as a whole, including Shatterlock, now function more smoothly. Running and fighting does not break concentration, so you can defend yourself while casting.

Guild Conveyance can now be bought from Tendrath. This spell can never be forgotten. Guild Conveyance attempts to send numbered items to your guildhall from anywhere.

Set and Loadout can now be bought from Roq. Be careful, they can never be forgotten if you choose to purchase them.

Guild hall chests can now hold unlimited weight and bulk. Wooden boxes are limited to 75 different stacks/items. Metal chests are limited to 150 different stacks/items.

All players now have a new default skill called Awareness. This is the first Banditry skill players will experience, and it allows you to use your Intellect to sense other players entering and leaving the area.

Base carrying capacity and the effect of Might on carrying capacity have both been increased 50% for bulk and weight.

Faction loss has been entirely removed from the game. Say ‘resign’ to any faction leader (even other faction leaders) to leave your faction.

Discord no longer removes AEs in safe zones, but can still be cast for improvement purposes.

Kara’hol’s curse can no longer be self-recast – because it would hold you.

Say ‘begin now’ in the Underground Battle Arena in Tos to skip the wait time before a match begins.

Blind, dazzle, ee, and fa have been updated with 105/112’s reduced settings.

Some players had found a trick to use an invisibility ring forever. That has been fixed.

Purge tiers have been created. Purge has been significantly upgraded.
Gort/Gaze/Deflect 40 purge factor. EE/FA/All resists 25 purge factor. Bless/SS/MS/SF 15 purge factor. DI/NV 10 purge factor.
Purgers now get an update in bold when they fully remove a buff.
Purge now applies the Humble status effect to monsters, which can lower their resistances to a minimum of zero. A 99 spellpower Purge will temporarily reduce a monster’s resistances by 33%.
Purge reagents lowered to 2 emeralds 1 purple since it must be cast multiple times now.

Riija swords are no longer required to buy Riija spells or enter the Riija temple. The sword of Riija can now roll a mix of shard-given mods that other weapons can’t have, including resistance mods usually reserved for armor.

Disciple quests are no longer required for any school.

Training point cap is now 3000.

Unbound energy decay bug fixed.

Corpses are now on 3 minute delay before they can be summoned by Xiana.

Soldier shields now start at max rank and no longer lose rank over time or due to pens/deaths.

Soldier spawn rates doubled.

Angeled characters never drop loot.

Death link costs 1 shaman blood and 1 dark angel feather now.

(NOTE: This system is not yet turned on.) You can now go to the Shal priestess and speak a phrase seen in her description to opt out of pvp permanently. Opt out characters can guild, but cannot enter guild halls or other major pvp areas.

Mollusks now take you to 150 hp and -100 karma.
Narthyl worms now take you to 130 hp.

Death Rift cast time lowered to 15 seconds.

Minor Heal, Light, Darkness, Feign Death, and Invigorate are now reagentless.